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Meeting No.660

Nov 6th, 2019


Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression

What can we do against them?

Have you ever felt anxious and depressed?  What lies behind these feelings? What are possible causes? And what can we do against them?

On Nov 6th at Leadership TMC, we are honoured to have a very special keynote speaker David Ammerschlaeger (Psychologist, trainer & facilitator) who will not only give an overview of these issues but will also tell us just how we can identify these symptoms within others and ourselves. Throughout his sharing David will share his valuable insights and experience about the darker side of the mind, and show how we can start to transform negative emotions into positive outcomes.

Join us on Nov 6th, 2019!

Sharing Master

David Ammerschlaeger



 Executive Coach, Trainer & Facilitator

David works as a Psychological Counsellor and Executive Coach for individuals and companies. As an accredited coach at the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Center for Executive Coaching (Fla, USA), David leverages his background in psychology, using cognitive-behavioural therapy techniques, Gestalt therapy methods, and person-centered therapeutic techniques in his psychological counselling practice and his coaching practice. His expertise in psychology, enables him to bring coaching and facilitation to another level of personal support to reach a deeper learning experience and a more profound change for more value to clients and lasting results.

David holds overall four master's degrees, three Master's degrees in Business, Management and Law from 3 of the best business schools or universities worldwide (HEC, ESSEC and Paris-Sorbonne), one Master's degree in Psychology from Manchester Metropolitan University. He’s a member of the British Psychological Society and is trained to perform psychotherapy and counselling.

Host of the Evening

Paul William James, DTM

Paul has over 15 years work experience in the education industry, teaching and training skills. He has worked in the public, private and corporate sectors developing, and conducting workshops and courses for a number of highly respected schools and educational institutions in both China and Thailand. In additional, he has also developed specialized courses and workshops in other related fields such as creativity and self-development.

Table Topic Master

Iris Bi, TM

Coming from a background of TESOL and Applied Linguistics, Iris now works in a university-based exam board with a mission to help people better understand language learning. With a curious mind, she believes that life is about exploration, of both the world and the self. She is passionate about mindfulness, yoga, coaching or social psychology.

Prepared Speaker

Coco Wumay, CC

“Secrets of Childhood ” 

Pathways 1.2.1

Coco is a past president of Shanghai Leadership TMC, at helm of the club in 2018. You may know her as the cover model of SLTMC's Level 1 speech manual. In Coco's professional life, she previously was a great architect. Coco's current passion is the life insurance industry, where she improves people's outcomes daily and demonstrates her inspiring leadership skills!

Hally Yu, CC / CL


Pathways 1.2.1

Hally Yu joined Toastmaster in 2016. She works in law sector. She likes music, playing piano, literature. Hally is the current VPPR of our club. She is also the Mandarin Speech Champion of District 85 Ningbo Conference.

Heather Cai, PM3

“Only a Decade ”

Pathways 4.2

Heather has always dreamed to be a writer then an artist. She has now written two English literary novels and is looking to be published in UK. Her passion is a splendid cocktail or milkshake of word, image, music and art. She desires for all forms of natural beauty. She is already starting to wonder about the possibilities of how far Toastmasters may lead her to another transformation.

General Evaluation

Jenny Huang, CC / CL

Jenny Huang is currently working in PR & Marketing area. She finds her energy through Yoga, swimming and most importantly talking with people from different ways of life. Life for her is to enjoy challenges and experience and from which she acquires knowledge to further grow.

Individual Evaluation 

Dong Mei,  DL1

Individual Evaluator 1

Ervis Micukaj, ACB / ALB

Individual Evaluator 2

Gianmarco Meli, TM

Individual Evaluator 3

Greatly Appreciate

Timer: Kateryna Svynarenko, TM

Ah-counter: Ilya Mochalov, Potential Member

Grammarian: Spring Xu, TM


Meeting Room 3F

North Building, Yunfeng Hotel 

1700 Beijing Rd West, Jing'an District, Shanghai



Leadership members:20 RMB

Other Toastmasters and Guests: 40 RMB

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